2XU Womens Perform Tri Shorts, Black/Black, Medium/7"

2XU Womens Perform Tri Shorts, Black/Black, Medium/7"

2XU Women's Perform Tri Shorts, Black/Black, Medium/7"

X-Small / 4/5-Barberry/Carbon Purple

X-Small / 4/5-Black/Black

X-Large / 4/5-Black/Cherry Pink

X-Small / 4/5-Black/Sunburst Orange Print

X-Large / 7-Barberry/Carbon Purple

Large / 7-Black/Cherry Pink

X-Large / 7-Black/Sunburst Orange Print

Small / 7-Barberry/Carbon Purple

X-Large / 4/5-Black/Black

Small / 7-Black/Cherry Pink

Small / 7-Black/Sunburst Orange Print

Large / 4/5-Black/Black

X-Large / 4/5-Barberry/Carbon Purple

X-Large / 4/5-Black/Sunburst Orange Print

Medium / 7-Black/Black

X-Large / 7-Black/Cherry Pink

Product Description

Put 2XU's Perform Tri 7" Shorts on your training essentials list. High-powered 70D elastane fabric supports muscles to help you swim, ride and run like a pro. And thanks to a seriously comfortable chamois, reinforced waistband and flatlock stitching, you never have to worry about chafing, fit or irritation. No matter what distance you're training for, these women's tri shorts will help you perform at your best.


Engineered from SBR Power, 70D elastane fabric for durability and strength in a 7" length
High-gauge Power Mesh is flexible, supportive and extremely light in weight
Silicone-free Y elastic grip keeps these shorts comfortably in place
The LD 2 chamois goes the distance with moisture management and serious comfort
Flatlock stitching eliminates chafing and irritation during your run and ride with 2 rear pockets for storage and 50+ UV protection
Brand : 2XU
Item model num : WT3640b
MPN(PartNumber) : WT3640b
EAN : 9336340390367
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