KORAL ACTIVEWEAR Womens Drive Legging, Black, X-Small

KORAL ACTIVEWEAR Womens Drive Legging, Black, X-Small

KORAL ACTIVEWEAR Women's Drive Legging, Black, X-Small


Product Description

Made from our moisture wicking evanesce fabric, our high performance, essential ankle length legging is designed for comfort so you can go the distance while keeping your style game tight. The high compression of this matte evanesce fabric increases oxygen delivery to muscles, reduces lactic acid build up, and muscle fatigue and swiftly wicks away perspiration to keep you cool, confident and comfortable.


High performance
Quick dry
Chlorine resistant
Brand : Koral Activewear
Item model num : A2038E30
MPN(PartNumber) : 202375
EAN : 0887338066843
平均配送日数7~10 営業日

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